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Alternative Solution to Selling A House In NJ

A house for sale in New Jersey.

It has been claimed that selling a house may be more distressing than many other important life events. When adding time constraints to that equation, and looking for solutions to sell a house rapidly, homeowners are under even more pressure to find a quick solution that is safe, fit their requirements and support them through the process rather than adding to the stress.

Before diving into a couple of options, we, at Ritsel Homes, might be able to help! As a real estate solutions company and local cash home buyers in New Jersey, we are not just restricted to a single option but rather offer solutions that are built around our customers and their unique circumstances. That often results in a cash offer with a closing date set on your timeline. But other times the best answer to your question might be one of our other programs where capital gains taxes could be deferred, our retail buyer program activated or a listing with an in-house agent.

Let’s plunge into some of the options when selling your house in New Jersey:


  • Selling with a New Jersey Real Estate Agent

Selling your home, the conventional way, certainly have advantages in the current market but also comes with strings attached.

Benefits would include the

–  ability to take advantage of the current sellers’ market, selling at the highest price,

–  relative short-listing periods before offers are accepted (subject to the property being priced correctly, ask us for advice on how to do it in today’s market),

–  possibility to attract multiple viewings and offers if done right, and

–  guided by a professional Real Estate Agent

     On the downside, homeowners need to be prepared to deal with

–  on average 5% realtor commissions payable from your sales price,

–  multiple viewings by potential buyers who want to look at the house (including your closets),

–   longer sales period as although the initial listing to contract period might be around 20 to 45 days, a traditional mortgaged transaction can take another 2 to 3 months to go through the closing process once under contract,

–   it’s challenging to do with tenants still in the property who might not support the planned sale, and

–   buyers might ask for concessions or items to be repaired following the inspection (or sometimes multiple inspections).

  • Do-it-Yourself with an FSBO (For Sale by Owner)

As a New Jersey homeowner, the idea of selling your property on your own may seem the best way to go. Not paying any real estate agent commissions or other fees would certainly leave you with more money in your own pocket but it is also worth considering the downsides.

The biggest challenge most FSBO’s face is around marketing and guiding buyers through the purchasing process. While inventory is low with multiple buyers looking for either their next personal home or investment, most buyers do not know where to find properties themselves or do not feel equipped to make one of the biggest decisions in their life on their own.

Limiting your buyers pool in many cases will also limit the upside potential as owners are left with only bargain hunters interested in the property. If you’re able to overcome these and other challenges, this might be a great solution but keep in mind, in a sellers’ market more competition can often outweigh the additional cost of using a professional.

  •   Sell to Legitimate House Buyers In New Jersey

When you sell your home to a professional home buyer, you can anticipate a quick sale but often have the flexibility to close on your timeline. An additional benefit is selling in As-Is condition with no responsibility for any repairs or other concessions that are normally requested during a traditional sale.

            Benefits you should consider in your decision are as follows:

–   Cash transaction, in As-Is condition (therefore no concessions or any repairs expected)

–   No Real Estate Agent Commission

–   Concierge services delivered by Ritsel Homes taking care of everything and guiding you through the process

–   We can close as soon as 21 days or as late as 90 days. We work around your schedule and close on your preferred date.

–   Other than us and our inspectors seeing the house, no viewings are required.

–   Take what you want and leave everything else. No need to clean or prepare the house for sale or closing!

On the other side, it’s not uncommon for cash house buyers to take more risks buying with limited or no contingencies. They might even pay your closing costs but because of this their offers tend to be lower.

Most important is to always do your due diligence and make sure you’re dealing with someone you can trust, have a track record and are able to close as promised.

When you work with the team at Ritsel Homes, you can count on us to not only make you a fair cash offer but also present and discuss all options available to you. In addition to being your local home buyers in New Jersey, we pride ourselves in providing solutions that are built around what is important to you.

Wrapping up

Additional to the above options, there are also many creative ways to sell your house on terms that could be beneficial to you as a seller but also attractive to buyers. At Ritsel Homes we understand the value of helping homeowners to identify the right solution. Rather than offering you our solution, we like to step back and look at how we can best serve you as our client living our mission of delivering “Real Estate Solutions that Impact NJ Neighborhoods and Lives, One Home at a Time

If you’re thinking about selling your New Jersey house, why not connect with us? Not only do we buy houses for cashbut we also offer solutions that can help you during a stressful time.

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