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Sell Your House in As-Is Condition, For Cash, Directly to Us!

100% FREE!

As a Cash Home Buyer, We Buy Houses in any condition, under any circumstances. No realtor commissions, No repairs, Take what you want & Leave the rest! We simply offer effective and fair solutions that comes with NO Obligation! It all starts by submitting your information below…

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    We Buy Houses in New Jersey

    Sell Your NJ House Directly To Us!

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    Our core business is to buy houses for cash in NJ. No-nonsense and No Funny Business – if you need to sell you house for cash, we are local home buyers in NJ, serious about buying your house. No repairs, no realtor fees or commissions, no money out of your pocket (and did we mention, we can close in 21 days or less!). Simply sell your house without a realtor, As-Is, For Cash!

    As a REAL estate SOLUTIONS Company, we also understand that everyone’s priorities are not the same. We are committed to focus on YOUR needs, YOUR unique circumstances and what’s important for YOU. For that reason, we’ll always offer you tailor-made solutions that best serve YOUR needs.

    Solutions can come in all shapes and forms but generally fall into one of the categories below. Check out OUR SOLUTIONS for more details on each program!


    ITC Program

    STEM Program

    Retail Buyer Program

    PBM Program

    Listing (but with a twist...)

    Interested in learning more about our business and exploring YOUR options?

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    Before you commit to a 6-month contract with an agent, getting a no-obligation offer from us can only help you make an informed decision. This comes at no cost to you and in appreciation of your time, we promise to be fast, effective and to the point. What do you have to lose?

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    Sell Your House, The Easy Way

    Why is selling a house so stressful for most people? According to a Zillow survey, when it comes to anxiety levels, most sellers pointed to the lack of control, especially around time and money. Diving deeper, it is not just the process of selling (dealing with agents, walkthroughs, open houses, repairs, cleaning, and uncertainties), BUT ALSO the reasons for selling which adds to the already difficult process.

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    Ready For Your Offer? It is 100% Free and you are under no obligation to accept. Absolutely nothing to lose!

    We are Mario & Lorinda, and together with our team, we will do our best to bring you an offer that works! Just fill in the form below to get your offer started. Remember, it’s 100% FREE and you have no obligation to accept. As a bonus, we give you a free consultation with various options to consider to help you make an informed decision.

      When we were introduced to Ritsel Homes, we were blown away with their level of market knowledge and the options they had available for us. We knew we were in good hands and most importantly they really cared!

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      We Can Buy Your House No Matter What Your Reason For Selling

      Avoid Agent Commissions, Long Listing Contracts, People Walking Through Your House, The Need to Disappear, Uncertainty and/or Costly Demands from Buyers.

      🗹 Mold, Water or Fire Damage
      🗹 Avoid Foreclosure
      🗹 Quick Cash Needed
      🗹 Rush Relocation and Not Time to sell or clean
      🗹 Extensive Repairs Needed
      🗹 Change in Circumstances
      🗹 Divorce
      🗹 Tired of Being a Landlord

      No Matter the Type of New Jersey Property

      🗹 Single Family
      🗹 Multifamily
      🗹 Townhomes
      🗹 Land
      🗹 Condo
      🗹 Apartment
      🗹 Tenant Occupied
      🗹 Commercial Property

      How Do I Sell My House Fast In NJ?

      Selling your New Jersey house for cash is much easier than you might think. Why? Because only you and us are involved. We do not depend on or wait for 3rd parties who have no interest in the deal other than earning a fee. We simply agree on the terms and then use a reputable title agency to transfer ownership and get you paid!

      Visit The
      How It Works Page

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      Learn how we formulate offers. We take you behind the scenes and show you how we do it – nothing to hide!

      Learn About Us

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      Get to know us, take a look at our mission statement , where we come from and the solutions we offer. We know that unless you feel comfortable with who we are and what we do , you’re not going to pick us. So
      why not get to know us better?

      Request Your
      REAL estate SOLUTION

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      Whether it’s our cash offer or one of our other REAL estate SOLUTIONS, we will not waste your time! And remember, it’s FREE and you’re under NO-Obligation to accept our offer… So, what’s holding you back from submitting your information? We look forward to exploring options with you!

      No Realtor Commissions, Nothing To Fix & Take Only What You Want – Leave The Rest!

      “I don’t want to list with a realtor again – why should I pay fees & commissions if I can simply sell it myself? I just need to sell my house in New Jersey fast. I want to get out of this ASAP and walk away with Cash in hand!”

      ~We hear you; we understand where you are coming from and we have a solution!

      We make it very easy to sell your house in New Jersey fast.

      When you sell your house (we also buy all types of other real estate) to us, there are no agent fees or commissions to pay. We won’t ask you to fix anything, and we might even cover your closing cost. And our rule stands… Take What You Need & Leave The Rest (that includes no cleaning)! We’ll take care of you and everything that’s left behind.

      In the end, we want it to be as easy as possible to skip the entire listing process & simply fast-forward to a closing date of your choice.

      🗹 No Agents
      🗹 No Repairs
      🗹 Quick Cash
      🗹 Sell Your House As Is 
      🗹 Great Offers
      🗹 You Pick the Closing Day

      The best company that I worked with .Great people ,reliable, honest and ready to help unconditional. I would highly recommend them for any real-estate transaction ,investment or property selling.

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      Cash For Your NJ House & Fast!


      We Buy Houses for Cash, no matter the condition or what needs to be fixed.

      We are residential redevelopers and do not mind carrying the memories forward or starting with a blank canvas (i.e. really bad condition).


      We can buy your New Jersey house, and we can move quickly! Liens, behind on taxes/mortgage, code violations. We will take care of you; it simply doesn’t matter.

      It’s FREE and comes with No-Obligation to check out our offer! 

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      A picture of a room in a bad condition.

      When we say “We Buy Houses As Is”, it is the truth. We mean, As-Is, in ANY Condition! Simply take what you want & leave the rest! We’ve seen it all. Sometimes it was neglect, but often it’s just normal families going through a difficult time. We understand it, and we handle it with respect!

      A text that says real estate solutions, the better, faster, and easier way.

      icons8 checked radio button 48Get a Response Within 24 Hours
      Once we have a full picture of the house, we confirm the numbers and provide you with an offer. We even show you how we calculate your offer.

      icons8 checked radio button 48Focus on Your Journey, NOT Cleaning the House
      Take what you want, leave the rest. We’ll take care of it with respect.

      icons8 checked radio button 48No Cost to You – Whether We Buy or Not, We WANT to Add Value!
      At no point will we add any cost to your account! Just fill in the form, and we’ll present you with our best cash offer but also discuss Alternative Options to give you choices. AND remember, you’re under no obligation to accept any!

      icons8 checked radio button 48Direct to Us, No Realtors or Commissions
      We love realtors, we have one in our team 😊, but when we buy, we buy DIRECTLY from you and there is NO need for any extra expenses like realtor fees and commissions. When you sell directly to us, it’s FREE.

      icons8 checked radio button 48We Buy As-Is! No Need to Fix Anything
      Keep in mind, our focus is on adding value and modernizing  the house to reflect the same or better than similar houses in the neighborhood. Don’t spend time and money on your preferences – it might not be the preference of our end buyers…

      icons8 checked radio button 48Already Have An Offer Lined Up? Why Not Get A 2nd Opinion?
      We bring REAL estate SOLUTIONS! We respect other buyers but wouldn’t you like to know all your options in order to make a fully informed decision?

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